25+ Things to Put in a Pinata Besides Candy

Why is it that pinata’s are always filled with candy? Yes, candy is really yummy and of course the kids love it – but the actual thrill of a piñata is hitting it and watching the “goodies” drop out. Why not try something different at your next kid’s birthday party!  Here are some fun & unique ideas on what to put in your party piñata:

  1. Mini balls
  2. Erasers
  3. Pencils
  4. Plastic toy rings
  5. Mardi Gras necklaces
  6. Mini bags of cookies
  7. Mini bags of crackers
  8. Individually wrapped marshmallows
  9. Boxes of raisins or cranberries
  10. Yo-yo’s
  11. Spinning tops
  12. Stickers
  13. Rubber toys
  14. Plastic toy cars
  15. Mini bottles of bubbles
  16. Small plastic animals or dinosaurs
  17. Stuffed or squishy toys
  18. Slinkies
  19. Fruit snacks
  20. Water squirt guns
  21. Bath toys
  22. Finger Puppets
  23. Mini action figures/dolls
  24. Glow sticks
  25. Puzzles
  26. Rubix cubes
  27. Plastic sunglasses
  28. Stamps
  29. Notepads/Coloring Books
  30. Sticky wall toys

(All the items above are the “mini” versions)!

The list of things to stuff your piñata with is just endless. All you need to do is throw a bunch of these things in the piñata (it’s even better if your piñata goodies match your party theme). Can’t you just imagine how awesome it would be if you are having a superhero party and superheroes just fell out of the piñata, or princess wands at a girls party? I bet the kids would be surprised!

Even if you do decide to use candy in your piñata don’t just stuff the candy in there. I hate how all the kids scramble on the floor for candy. Before you even have a chance to stop them, they have picked up a handful half smushed, dirty candy off the floor and popped it in their mouth. What I like to do is group a few small items together and make some “piñata bags” with a personalized birthday tag or sticker that matches the party theme.

Each kid gets one bag and then parents are in charge of opening it. This way parents can monitor the amount of candy that their child eats. An added bonus is that the mini piñata bag actually becomes an extension of the “goodie bag” that you pass out at the end of the party.

If you still don’t have a piñata, why not try making your own DIY piñata at home? You can check out my super “Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Making A Homemade Piñata“.

Easy DIY Pinata Step by Step How to Make Guide Ideas

Happy stuffing and hitting your piñata! If you have any other creative ideas, please let me know and I can add it to the list.


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  • lfrank1018

    What a great idea! I am always nervous with pinatas and kids knocking other kids over to get as much candy as possible! My daughter’s bday is coming up and now the goodie bags will be going in the pinata! Brilliant!

  • http://www.PowerfulMothering.com/ Nicolette Roux

    Love this! I must so make one for the next bday event!

    Thanks for linking up with us at Pin It Tuesday!
    Join us again next week to see if you were featured!

  • Tabitha

    I used your idea of “pinata” bags inside the pinata.My daughter asked for a pinata at her party and I could just imagine the chaos of kids swarming to get the items as they dropped from the pinata. This made it so much easier and the kids understood that they each got a bag which ended up just being our overall party goodie bag. Thanks for posting!

    • http://www.supermommy.com.sg/ SuperMommy

      I am glad the pinata bags worked out for you! Thanks for reading my blog. xoxo

  • Marilyn

    I was wondering how do you get the kids to not grab more than one bag of candy?

    • http://www.supermommy.com.sg/ SuperMommy

      A lot of kids do grab more than 1 bag of candy/toys, but I am usually standing there with the other parents to explain “only 1 bag per child”, “please share with your friends”. I do this for all of my parties and it always works – we have never had any problems. I usually stuff the pinata with at least 5-10 extra bags just in case for siblings or extra party guests that show up last minute. There are a lot of things in the one little bag, so the kids are usually very happy with what they get. You should try it for your next party! :-)

      • Marilyn

        We are having a pinata for my daughters 1st Birthday party in September. A lot of her cousins are much older. I know them, they might get greedy and hoard all the bags and I don’t want to sound bossy or whatever and tell then they can only have one..

        • http://www.supermommy.com.sg/ SuperMommy


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  • Lisa Sport

    Life isn’t fair all the time. I think letting some kids get more than others from a piñata is okay. 1 bag of candy/toys takes away the fun of the grab and the spray of the piñata. We do them all the time and yes some kids walk away with more than others. It’s okay.

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