Bollywood Dance Yourself Back Into Shape!

We have all heard about Zumba, but how many of us know about My Bollywood Studio? Bollywood dancing your way back into shape is the hottest new craze. The best part is that while you are working off those extra calories, you are also learning some hip, new Bollywood moves to show off to all of your friends.

This is how it works. My Bollywood Studio offers a variety of fitness classes online that you choose and then workout too. Since Bollywood dancing is a mix of classical Indian dance and modern influences including Hip-hop, African/ Tribal, Salsa, Bellydance, Ballet, Modern/ Contemporary, and Jazz, it is an excellent aerobic exercise. Thus, instead of going to some hot, sweaty, gym, you can shake your hips in the comfort of your own home. Like most moms, I don’t have the luxury of having extra time to drive to and from the gym and squeeze in a workout and a shower (thus online classes are perfect for me)!

In addition to the Bollywood fitness classes, My Bollywood Studio offers instructional videos on how to learn a huge variety of classes in dance, music and arts, including Bollywood dance, Bhangra dance, playing the “dohl” (drum), ballet, hip hop dance and acting. Which is great, economical way for kids (or us oldies) to learn how to dance without having to pay for expensive classes.

SuperMommy’s Experience: Honestly, at first I felt a little silly dancing around in my bedroom. But after awhile it was a lot of fun. The videos are really entertaining and a great workout as well. I like the fact that since the workout is online I can do it just about anywhere (all I need is my iPad or laptop). I did also check out some of the videos on learning dance moves. I was very impressed at how the videos showed step by step moves, which were very easy to understand and follow. My 3 ½ year old loves to dance, so I allowed him to watch some of the instructional hip-hop dance video so that he could learn some new moves. He loved the video and has picked up some new steps (or at least his version of the steps). I like the fact that I can work-out during nap-time, on my own schedule, without leaving my home.

Does Bollywood dancing really help you lose weight? You can decide if it works for you. I would imagine that all those shaking hips, leg rotations and arm movements must do something, not to mention I could feel my muscles aching after just a 20 minute workout (probably because I am so out of shape).

How much does it cost?  My Bollywood Studio has a bunch of videos on their website that you can try out for FREE. So there is nothing to lose, except of course for your muffin-top (LOL). You can just try it out for yourself.

Extra Bonus: As a kick-off to my New Year’s Resolution to get back in shape,  I was able to arrange a special WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY for all the SuperMommy readers with My Bollywood Studio. One lucky SuperMommy reader will win a 3 month membership for all of My Bollywood Studio‘s online classes.  All you need to do is follow the simple steps on the Rafflecopter form below:

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  • Busy Vegetarian Mom

    That looks like so much fun! Thanks

    • SuperMommy

      Yes it’s a lot of fun and a great workout as well. :-)

  • Cynthia Landrie

    This looks like a fun exercise! I know my duaghter would love it!

    • SuperMommy

      She should totally try out the free classes. Make sure you sign up for the giveaway. :-)

  • Amy Dowling

    Looks like a fun workout!

    • SuperMommy

      It is tons of fun! They have some free classes online, so you should try it out for yourself. :-)

  • Hilary Vanderpool

    This looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win :)

    • SuperMommy

      Good luck. :-)

  • SuperMommy

    LOL – Bollywood dancing at home is perfect for you. I sometimes feel like a fool in Zumba too, especially when I space out and then start doing the wrong moves. I just hope they don’t have any hidden cameras in there. 😉

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