Fun Kid’s Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Here is a list of some of the Indoor Playgrounds around the Orchard Road area in Singapore and an overview of the basic birthday party packages offered by each place. You need to go to their website to get more details on what is included and the different packages that are offered by each venue. Make sure you read SuperMommy’s helpful Tips for Choosing a Birthday Party Package & Venue before you make your decision.

(1) Amazonia

  • Location: Great World City
  • Party Package: $802.50
  • Number of Kids: 15
  • Additional Kids: $37.45
  • WebsiteAmazonia Party
  • Telephone: +65 6235 4522

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have been to many parties at Amazonia. They have two party rooms, one is for boys and the other is for girls. The party room is very small. It is a tight squeeze with the adults and kids in that small room. If you are able to get both party rooms on the day of your party I would highly recommend it (but it will be costly). Just note that Amazonia is really busy on weekends and their party space fills up fast, so you might get stuck with an odd time and very little space to enjoy your party.

(2) Fidgets

  • Location: Turf City
  • Party Package: $600 (weekdays), $690 (weekends)
  • Number of Kids: 15
  • Additional Kids: $35
  • WebsiteFidgets Party
  • Telephone: +65-6466-7611

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have been to a party at Fidgets on a Saturday afternoon. I thought the party room is a fairly decent size and larger than most of the other venues. They have three party rooms, but since Fidgets is a fairly large space it did not seem overcrowded. Fidgets is one of the older indoor play gyms.

Update June 19, 2013 – Fidgets was renovated a few months back and looks like a great place to host a party. In addition to the normal party, they also offer a “Baking Party” and an “Arts & Craft” Party.

(3) Go Go Bambini

  • Location: Dempsey
  • Party Package: $576 (weekdays), $876 (weekends)
  • Number of Kids: 18
  • Extra Kids: $28
  • WebsiteGo Go Bambini Party
  • Telephone: +65 6474-4176

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have never been to a party at Go Go Bambini. We have played there on a few occasions  I find Go Go Bambini to be really “dark”. There is not a lot of natural light in that place. It is not a big place, it just has one big playscape. I know on weekends Go Go Bambini can get really crowded, especially if there are birthday parties.

(4) Gymboree

  • Location: Tanglin Mall
  • Party Package: $396 (no food)
  • Number of Kids: 10
  • Extra Kids: $15
  • Website: Gymboree Party
  • Telephone: +65-6735-5290

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have never been to a Gymboree party. A Gymboree party is only 1 ½ hours long. You will get 1 hour of exclusive gym time and then 30 minutes of eating/party time in a separate room. The party is recommended for ages 1-5, however I think this place is more suitable for kids under 3 years old. This might be good place for a small cake & ice-cream 1st/2nd Birthday party.

(5) JWT Kids Gym

  • Location: UE Square
  • Party Package: $620 (no food)
  • Number of Kids: 20
  • Extra Kids: $15
  • Website: JWT Kids Gym Party
  • Telephone: +65-6333-8511

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have been to a few parties at JWT. Unlike most of the other places, JWT does not have a playscape. Your party will consist of the  basic kiddy gym equipment and the party host runs the entire party with various exercises, music and games for the kids. About 1 hour into the party there will be a break for food/cake. You need to provide your own food. You will get exclusive use of the place and the party area (which is the main entrance) is a good size for both adults and kids to hang out. I think this is a good party for younger kids – the older kids might get a little bored.

(6) Kiddy Fun

  • Location: Turf City Grandstand
  • Party Package: $449 (weekdays), $499 (weekends)
  • Number of Kids: 15
  • Additional Kids: $28
  • Website: Kiddy Fun Party
  • Telephone: +65-6463-7028

SuperMommy’s Opinion: Kiddy Fun is fully padded and has mini rides for the kids. The whole place is in pastel colors. I think this place would be an amazing place for a 1st birthday party. It is new and different and the little kids love it. It might also be a good place for a 2nd birthday party for a little girl. I would not recommend this place for kids over the age of 2. 

(7) Playful Elves

  • Location: West Coast Plaza
  • Party Package: $599
  • Number of Kids: 20
  • Extra Kids: $30
  • WebsitePlayful Elves Party
  • Telephone: +65-6100-0353

SuperMommy’s Opinion: Since Playful Elves is a fairly new place I have never been to a party there. They have one party room, so you don’t have to worry about two parties at the same time. I love the fact that you can have exclusive use of the place and choose your own timings. The exclusive use package is $1499 for 20 kids (and each extra kid is only $6.50). They also offer a wide selection of food to choose from, both Western & Local, and you are able to bring in outside food at no additional charge. Basic decorations, games and a party host are included.

Update March 16, 2013: I just hosted my son’s 4th Birthday at Playful Elves. It was a GREAT party! Click here to read more details.

(8) Polliwogs

  • Location: Robertson Quay
  • Party Package: $688
  • Number of Kids: 15
  • Extra Kids: $33
  • WebsitePolliwogs Party
  • Telephone: +65-6737-0982

SuperMommy’s Opinion: All three party rooms are connected, so if you have a large party they will give you more than one room (but it will cost you). Polliwogs can get really crowded on weekends, especially if there is more than one party at the same time, so be forewarned. I did enquire about exclusive use of the place. It includes 50 kids, and costs over $4,500 for 2 hours (a little ridiculous if you ask me).

Update April 15, 2013-I just went to a Polliwogs party this weekend. I was appalled at how disorganized the party was. Polliwogs did a poor job of displaying the food, serving the kids the food and cleaning up during the party.

(9) Royce Kids

  • Location: Liang Court
  • Party Package: $1250 (exclusive use)
  • Number of Kids: 20
  • Extra Kids: $35 per extra kid
  • Website: Royce Kids Party
  • Telephone: +65-6720-1111

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have been to numerous parties at Royce Kids. It is a great place for younger kids birthday parties since the entire place is padded. This is a great place for a 1st or 2nd birthday party. You do get exclusive use of the place which is nice and the kids love it! However, you can only have the party on a Saturday or Sunday from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm which overlaps with “dinner time”.  I don’t like the kid’s party food (only 3 items – pizza, sausages & chicken wings, in limited quantities). You can bring in outside food, but they charge an additional $70 for 3 dry food items. My kids usually go home hungry after attending a Royce Kids party.

(10) SingKids PlaySystem

  • Location: Vivo City & United Square (opening April 2012)
  • Party Package: $500 (weekdays), $750 Weekends (no food)
  • Number of Kids: 30 maximum
  • Additional Kids: n/a
  • Website: SingKids PlaySystem Party
  • Telephone: +65 6832 8002

SuperMommy’s Opinion: I have never even been inside any of the SingKids PlaySystem locations. The SingKids at Vivo City is always really crowded on weekends when I walk by (they are opening a second Vivo City location, which is supposed to be slightly bigger). It looks like it might be a fun party place, but it is quite small. The SingKids party package doesn’t include any extras – no food, no party host, no goodie bags, no extra kids, no extra play-time, no decorations.

(11) The City

  • Location: Liang Court
  • Party Package: $650
  • Number of Kids: 15
  • Additional Kids: $30
  • Website: The City Party
  • Telephone: +65-6250-6507

SuperMommy’s Opinion: Since The City was just opened in mid-December, I have never attended a party, nor have any friends hosted a party at The City. I have seen the party room. It is a very small room with no decorations. It has some kiddy chairs and tables. The party package includes McDonald’s Happy Meals or Pizza as the kids food. You can order outside food for the adults. The room does not have any windows. I would wait a few months until the place is more established to host a party there.

Update April 20, 2013 – I just attended a party at The City. The party room is not big enough to handle both kids and adults.  The party staff was not in the room when the kids were eating food, thus parents were basically climbing over each other to get drinks / food for their hungry kids. It was complete chaos. I am not sure what the staff did for the party. The party host mom did all the decorations, provided tableware and organized her own adult food.

(12) The Tiara Society 

  • Location: UE Square
  • Party Package: $750 (exclusive use)
  • Number of Kids: 20
  • Additional Kids: $32
  • Website: The Tiara Society Party

SuperMommy’s Opinion: The Tiara Society is a brand new place that is opening in mid-March. They cater specifically to little girls. I think this would be a great place for a girly princess party with all the frills and décor.


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