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SuperMommy 2016

All Moms are super in their own way. Raising a child is no easy task. Sometimes we feel so alone. I created this blog so that moms like me would be able to realize that no matter what challenges we face, somewhere inside there is a super mom ready to solve any problem and tackle any challenge.

A little bit about me….

My friends seem to think I have an answer to all their questions, probably because I Google and research just about everything. I am a native Californian, but have permanently made my home in Singapore for the last ten years. I have two little boys who are the center of my universe – Zayden is 8 and Xavion is 6. Having my kids really did make my life complete.

In my past life I used to be a corporate lawyer. Once I had kids, for about five years I was an around the clock, not a minute to spare “Super Mommy”. Then an opportunity came knocking on my door and I just couldn’t say no! Hence, I once again entered into the adult workforce. Then for the next two years, I burned the candle at both ends trying to give 100% to everyone, and was somewhat succeeding, but failing myself. Finally I decided that my kids needed me way more than my job did, so I am once again now a full time Super Mommy and LOVIN’ IT!!

Basically my training as a lawyer and my Type “A”, super organized, perfectionist persona has trickled down into my everyday life as a mommy. Thus, as a mommy I seem to be involved in more projects that I can keep track of. I volunteer for to multiple kid’s activities, mommy organizations and am class mom for both my boys. I spend my time as a mommy taxi between their school, Kumon, Cub Scouts, soccer practice, Mandarin class, play dates, robotics, swimming, etc., etc. My free afternoons are spent at the playground, doing art projects, coaching, tutoring, riding scooters, making lego spaceships and playing superheroes. Does it get tiring (yes)? Do I sometimes want to pull my hair out (yes)? But at the end of the day I love my little monkeys and like most moms, would do anything for them. If being a mommy is my new job, then being the best mommy or in other words a “Super Mommy” is what I strive to be.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I would love to hear any ideas you may have or any topics you want me to discuss. 

Neetu (a.k.a. SuperMommy)

SuperMommy - Zayden & Xavion

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